Virtually Peloton

What do you call an exercise session where you are trapped in your house doing an online streaming exercise class that you've synchronized with two other people (who you used to run with in real life a lot) who are also trapped in their houses participating in the same online streaming class and communicating via text message in the wee hours of the morning before you all go to your home work-from-home offices to do remote working while you're all trapped in your respective houses?

That's what I did this morning.

Not Eleven

It’s been an interesting week from the “running blogger” perspective.

Forces of clashing professional duties with my fitness hobby have spurned (a) the creation of this latest iteration of my running blog, and (b) given me cause to dig back through twelve years of running writing looking for things worth reposting here. The race reports are obvious, and I wish I could drag more photography over (all good things in time, of course) but what struck me most was just how much I used to write about runs.