run trails

Anything with the majority of distance off the asphalt and on rough, uneven ground. This is different from a paced run because usually the trail is an obstacle that throws up some slowing terrain.

Summer Adventure Run #5

The location for our first Adventure Run of July came at the suggestion of AD. A neighbourhood that was familiar enough on a map, surrounded by roads and paths I'd passed by now and then, but never stopped for more than a glance.

Our trail began on the edge of a cliff overlooking downtown from the east, looped into the river valley, across the bridge, along a busy north bank, back across the river on the Dawson Bridge, and then through a winding forest trail with some steep climbs and a scramble back to the cars.

I'm still cleaning the mud off my ankles.


Sunday (in training... finally)

We added distance. Finally.

Not that I’ve been looking forward to knowing that my comfortable, do-what-feels-right stretch of non-training training runs are ending, but it feels a little something-something to know that we’ve rationally started building to something again.

Twelve klicks through the river valley, out to the bridge and a bit beyond before turning back to retrace our steps up the winding, climbing trails home.


Saturday Creeky

It was raining. It’s going to rain all weekend. It’s raining as I write this. Rain. Rain. More rain.

When one has committed to a daily run, the weather is less a deciding factor as much as it is a circumstance.

My plan was multi-fold. Running from the house has quickly become dull and monotonous. Sure, it’s simple and easy for a quick outing. But for a lazy pandemic Saturday morning? Plus it sucks for shelter, all out in the open through wide streets and careless paths.