at the gym (rec centre)

Season 1 Episode 5

If "Season 1 Episode 5" seems like a cryptic name for a workout, it both is and it isn't. The digital box set of the 90s classic television show, The X-Files was on sale the other day on iTunes and torn between crashing in my comfy chair and watching an episode versus getting my butt out the chair, going to the gym and working out... I chose both. So I rowed for the length of one full episode of the X-files while it played on my phone propped on the floor beside the rowing machine.


Tats & Goggles

I keep meaning to ramp up my swimming program. I don’t think I’ve ever been as in good of shape as when I was swimming every week. It didn’t hurt that I was simultaneously training for a triathlon, but swimming has always just felt like a good workout. Lengths. Laps. Strokes. It moves everything. Burns. Hurts. And getting back into it has not been a simple task.