around the neighbourhood

I live in the southwest corner of Edmonton, a city of about a million people in western Canada.  I usually run from a local recreation centre which has access to hundreds of klicks of sidewalks and paved, gravel or single track trail.

Epic Tired AF

The plan was to go for a run after work, get away from my desk and burn off some stress with a light tempo run through the neighbourhood.

The Kid’s schedule dictated supper for 530, which turned out to leave me no time before eating.

My anxiety turned into a stomach ache so I rested for a bit before crashing for a early evening nap around 615.

I pulled myself out of slumberland around 7 and wallowed in some residual self-pity for about 20 minutes.

And finally, just shy of 730 I laced up and slogged out a painful five klicks.

Sunday Rebooted

I have avoided writing here for about a month and a half for a simple reason: the pandemic.

As the lockdown orders rolled across the city, province, country, and planet, it is difficult to find any sort of meaningful reflection in a mirror occupied by literally everyone. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that the emotional scars that will be left behind by this will last years, decades, and maybe even the rest of our lives, and right now these are fresh wounds and we’re all still in shock.

End of the World Run Club Part 3

I joke about the title of these runs, but it’s actually starting to feel that way. The End of the World.

A couple hours before run time we were sharing a tweet that had appeared overnight on social media. Someone had nabbed a vid of some runners doing stair repeats on the Glenora staircase over near the high level bridge yesterday. That might have been a swell idea had not fifty people thought of it at the same time. Result: