around the neighbourhood

I live in the southwest corner of Edmonton, a city of about a million people in western Canada.  I usually run from a local recreation centre which has access to hundreds of klicks of sidewalks and paved, gravel or single track trail.

Short Slow Recovery

Occasionally you need to push yourself out the door. Occasionally, literally.

On day 19 of this daily streak, after a fast jaunt one day previously, after everything it was everything I could do to lace up and get my twenty minute minimum in. It was not fast. It was not pretty. It was a plod of milage just to say it had been done.

Sure, I felt better after than before, but ... I could probably say the same thing about a nap.

Out with the Speed Guys

On Sunday, LC says to me as we’re hanging out in the parking lot after our twelve klicks (he did thirty!) and sipping our well-earned social-distancing coffees that he is meeting up with LS on Tuesday... if I was interested.

This morning I was tired. Lead-in-the-legs, aching-all-over tired. Part of me was looking for an excuse to skip a day, an excuse that never came, but at the end of it all I had planned my day around this six-thirty meetup with the guys.

I show up and ... it’s the fast guys.